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JAM-stack sites

JAM-stack may be a buzzword but it stands for something: JavaScript, APIs and markup.

But what does that mean?

It means building static web sites in the modern sense: you take your HTML (markup) and then use JavaScript to enhance it by calling APIs. In practice, this means that each business owner can take advantage of services available on the web.

For example, one client needed a fast and attractive landing site that makes it easy to schedule an appointment with her practice so I created a simple hero-image page featuring a photo of her with an Acuity scheduler integrated right below.

Another example is adding secure payments using Stripe. A designer needed an online portal to set up monthly subscription payments so I used the CheckoutJS tool to accept credit cards there on the site.

Sometimes adding a little bit of live data onto a site can be a real enhancement. I can add weather reports, stock tickers, air quality indicators: if you can get the data on the web through an API, you can put it on your site!

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