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Custom NodeJS stores


Do you have something that you want to sell online? These days you have many options for setting up an e-commerce store so let's talk about what benefits working with me can offer.

First, I give you the same design control for your store that other developers can give you for your static site. Why? Because instead of implementing a plugin like Shopify, I built a custom e-commerce engine in NodeJS. That means you avoid the looks-like-everyone-else feel that most small online stores have.

Second, you are going to keep a bigger cut per transaction because I integrate directly with payment rails like Stripe--this way you don't have to pay that extra layer of fees each time someone purchase like on sellers like Amazon or Etsy.

I can customize my e-commerce engine to suit your specific needs and then deploy the site online. I know this because I have done this: take a look at my store at to see it in action.

Watch a screencast on the store (#1, setting up a new store):

Watch a screencast on the store (#2, updating data in the store):

Contact me to discuss building your store today!