Small Business

Family businesses, startups, freelancers--I understand the needs to small enterprises. When you have a growing business, you need to look good on the web: these days how many of your potential clients are going to take a look at your page? Let's make sure they see who you are with a quality, personalized site!


I know about the special requirements that come along with making a useful site for yoga and pilates teachers, therapists and energy workers. I have created sites that combine embedded scheduling and e-commerce. Why pay for an expensive one-size-fits-all tool when you can get individual attention to your needs from a developer who appreciates your work?


Everyone in sports knows data is changing how it works. I have designed apps for sensors designed to record the impact of hits in sports. My up-close experience in creating products for high school and college athletics departments gives me an understanding of the demands of today's sports culture.


From the Silicon Valley to the Puget Sound, I have worked in the cores of startup culture. Getting a compelling website is a key task for any startup, but it doesn't always feel like a core task. Building a fast-growing enterprise is more than enough for every team member to focus on--let me focus on the web site.

What type of site do you want?

Hero Image
Make a bold point with a great image
Surprise and inform your visitors
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You can build a web site a lot of ways.

Why not make it usable, durable, and stylish?